Critical Mass

March 27, 2017

critical mass
Just read an article a few minutes ago that featured a few quotes by a sadly duped man who I am asked to sympathize with, and I do. I grew up in a huge family supported by the single pay-check of a struggling blue-collar father. When I look back I don’t know how he did it, so I get it. The man in the article is in pain and does not understand how or why he got to be there. He’s a guy who’s now struggling so hard due exactly to people like Donald Trump, his momentary messiah. That lack of understanding leads to off-the-wall utterances:

“It was the first afternoon of spring. Cassidy, an unemployed former construction worker, was smoking outside a bar on one of the faded downtown streets of Newark, a city of 48,000 people about 45 minutes east of Columbus. When a buddy rolled up on a bicycle, they soon got to talking about their chronic pain.”

“James Cassidy didn’t need the director of the FBI to tell him Barack Obama never wiretapped Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Cassidy knew from the start that Trump made the whole thing up.

“He was happy the president lied.

“He’s ruffling every feather in Washington that he can ruffle. These guys are scrambling. So: yeah! I like it. I think it’s a good thing. I want to see them jump around a little bit,” Cassidy, 58, said on Tuesday.”

Such misinformed and/or misguided men and women (and in this category I include Trump and his entire retinue) ought to read up a little on “critical mass” to jog their historical memories. They’re not all stupid after all, but lust for power has been known to eclipse IQ.

crit•i•cal mass; noun:
1. PHYSICS: the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction.

Just as plutonium atoms “jump around a bit” and morph into nuclear bombs that wipe out even stuff that might want keeping (even the good stuff), so do political systems. It’s important to understand this fact if one hopes to have at least controlled demolition. I’m not opposed to transforming government but we should not live under the delusion that “repealing” government and replacing it later is a good idea. A lot can happen in interims.

Trump is an id-driven id-iot who doesn’t care what the f**k happens as long as he has a gold-plated bunker to retire to. But he doesn’t understand that all bets are off after critical mass is reached: banking systems fold, money doesn’t mean as much (or anything), health systems collapse, glass towers shatter, silk suits and red ties are hard to get, bizarre coiffures aren’t as easy to maintain, orange skin-tone products disappear from shelves, …people all of a sudden just don’t have all those government rules that help hold societies together, people get really ugly, some storm Bastilles, much topples… the price of guillotine stock may rise though.

Then what, Mr. I-Was-Happy-The-President-Lied-I-Want-To-See-Them-Jump-Around-A-Bit?!

—sorry, sad man …men.

Jim Culleny


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