Plowshares, Swords and Word Tricks

November 6, 2016


This is a problem: the ease religion takes in reducing hard questions to simple answers (just like politics).

It’s said that god made the world and we see that this world is spectacularly complex and nuanced, we see that it changes without cessation from moment to moment yet scriptures, held up as the “word of god”, are said to be immutable. But the universe itself may fairly be considered the word of god, a word that predates anything coming from the pen or mouth of Man.

We invented religion, so it reflects our small thoughts and minds. “God” (for want of a better identifier) is just too big to be reduced to scripture and dogma. Religion in the hearts of the good will be good, in the hearts of the evil it’ll be evil.


Religion and scripture: gospels and surahs,

Qurans, Hadiths, Bibles and Torahs
may be tools like any other,
used to injure or uplift
—in this they are not sacred,
but are as practical as plowshares, 
swords and word tricks
(as of the earth as fauna and flora)



One Response to “Plowshares, Swords and Word Tricks”

  1. Norman Costa Says:

    Got that right!

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