Money is Power But So Is Superstition

July 28, 2013

Gods WarriorsFull disclosure: I’m not religious and think that tangling religion with government is a greasy slope to tyranny.

Politicians use the religious to gain and hold power. Islam and Christianity have both been wound up in violence and the manipulation of people and their psyches for centuries. From 500 AD forward Muslim warlords have wielded swords and threats of damnation from Medina and the middle east up through Spain into southern France.  And Christian warlords have likewise wielded their swords and threats of hell-fire through Europe and its colonies at least since the Emporer Constantine saw the advantage of the cross’ power.

H.G. Wells, in his Outline of History observes that during the middle ages, following Rome’s fall,

………….. “Both in England and on the Continent the ascendant rulers seized upon
…………….Christianity as a unifying force to cement their conquests. Christianity became
…………….a banner for aggressive chiefs— as it did in Uganda in Africa in the bloody days
…………….before that country was annexed to the British Empire.”

An argument can be made that the same tactics (though less bloody to date) have been and are being used by “aggressive chiefs” in the United States —especially those of the right. The creation of the Tea Party can certainly be attributed, at least in part, to the intentional infusion of religion into our political rhetoric.  And the fact that we can’t seem to make any political or practical progress in a once progressive and innovative society is another. What’s more, our spiritual progress has been stifled and stunted since the advent of Ronald —The Affable but Destructive— Reagan.

Money is power but so is superstition.
by Jim Culleny


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