Idiots with boehners

June 16, 2012

In a brilliant, strategic first move to dilute the effects of woman’s suffrage, male state legistlators in Michigan have expelled a colleague for referring to her vagina by its correct anatomical name. Maybe if she had referred to her vagina as her “snatch”,”beaver”, or her “down there” the men in the chamber would not have been so offended since this is how they think about such things.
A woman walks into a legislative chamber with her vagina.
The sargeant at arms said, “You can’t come in here with a whatcham’callit.”
She said, “This is not a whacham’callit, it’s my vagina.”
“That’s it,” said the sargeant at arms, “You’re both expelled.”
And that was how woman’s suffrage was finally outflanked by idiots with boehners..

by Jim Culleny

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