Thoughts while farming:

June 5, 2012

On my knees mulching summer squash I was thinking about something I read at Talking Points Memo.  It was comforting to know
there’s someone else as full of wonder as I am of the political lay of the American land.

I share Josh Marshall‘s stupefaction at the bizarre situation we find ourselves in; the one in which Republicans or conservatives or Wall Street or the Bankers or the Mitt Romneys of the country —the Hydra— are never held to account for the Reaganesque ditch the policies of their party, or faction, or cult have driven us into; or for their four-year campaign of slashing the tires of the tow truck that’s been trying to winch us out of the mire.

I’m completely blown away at the unfathomable way a slimy shapshifter like Romney can spout contradictions almost simultaneously and still be taken seriously by at least half of the population.  It flies in the face of reason — which I’m more certain than ever is not an intellectual tool that even vaguely appeals to a hefty, Fox-apprenticed chunk of Americans; the ones who in polls claim they believe in God. How can over 80% of us love God and do what we do? Did Jesus preach venality? Acquisitiveness? Ignorance?

Gimme  that old time religion, they say in so many words, as if God loathed her gift of reason and its science and, instead, loved only doctrine.

Just give them their guns —their 2nd amendment talismans.

Evidence, fact?  —rejected.

Who am I gonna believe
, they seem to ask, Fox News or my lying eyes?

How can any American believe in American exceptionalism as caught up as we’ve been in wars of choice on one hand and the elevation and beatification of the corporate person on the other? Even if it were more than a national delusion we’ve certainly sold that delusion for a pittance, which sale was ratified in 2010 by the stroke of the Supremes; a court whose common sense is as connected to reality as its faith in the sanctity of Goldman Sachs.

BTW, in cased you didn’t notice, I find myself in a very pissed-off state of mind. I should be more accepting of corruption.

But our zucchini looks great! I make my way down their rows dispatching squash beetles as if I were icing Mitch McConnell.

Oh, the pleasure!

Jim Culleny


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