See How No-gent Blows and Read the Effing Wind

May 5, 2012

In addition to rudely offering to orally copulate with talking head Jeff Glor who in an interview was definitely not pleasuring him, Ted No-gent (from under the sanctuary of his camouflage cowboy hat) also took agressive action with Glor’s female producer.  As an ardent gun stroker who knows how to shoot both bullets and bullshit, No-gent lobbed macho sex bombs on the two.

First No-gent offered Glor some real militia-style pleasuring if the anchor could prove No-gent was not a nice guy.

“I’m an extremely loving, passionate man!” N0-gent said, “And people who investigate me honestly — without the baggage of political correctness — ascertain the conclusion that I’m a damn nice guy!

“And if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, he added (perhaps to prove how really nice he was) I’ll suck your fucking dick!”

Ok, maybe No-gent was just trying to be nice, offering to Glor what he himself apparently liked so much he went around offering it to strangers.  But If I were Glor I wouldn’t have pressed No-gent much further because, whatever I came up with pro or con, No-gent might either shoot me or insist he deliver on his offer. Either way it was too hideous to imagine — I just don’t find No-gent physically appealing —and forget inner beauty.

After mowing down Glor, and not to leave Glor’s producer out of his carnage, No-gent then threatened her with his (momentarily) preferred weapon of choice (which is probably a granade launcher in No-gent’s own mind):

“Or fuck you! How’s that sound?”

Not so nice to me, but I guess that’s what a right-wing gun nut thinks sounds nice —gives you a clue into what they and their heavy munitions might do if they had more elbow room to be not so nice.

They’re out there folks, locked, loaded and steamed up waiting to be unleashed by a Republican Party with all three government branches sewn up.

Read the wind American little-folk: these are not-nice people.

Jim Culleny


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