Miter is Righter

April 21, 2012

In a claim of real authenticity, the Catholic Church (whose Pope, ensconced in his own little city, rules a vast business enterprise with all the trappings of a magnate) disses an organization of American nuns noted for their work among the poor.

In an investigation led by Bishop, Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio, the attitudes of 80% (57,000) of American nuns who are members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) were examined.

When one is running a well-oiled organization run by males one must do due diligence in keeping the ladies under some bishop’s thumb. A doctrinal entity just can’t survive if its nuns are hammering away at the foundation of well-established hierarchies. Being a good nun is one thing, following the teachings of Jesus and thinking are quite different matters.

As reported by BBC News, while the church report acknowledged “the good work [the nuns] did with the poor and in running schools and hospitals,” it “documented what it called a ‘grave’ doctrinal crisis. It seems the sisters “were promoting radical feminist themes and criticised US nuns for challenging the bishops, who it said were ‘the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals'”.

What are these women thinking? Guys, after all, have primacy in all matters in an organization run by guys. In fraternities run by mechanics, you wanna know which wrench is authorized, ask a guy.  In patriarchal faith fraternities, you wanna know what’s moral, ask a guy.  And, by the way, the guy often dressed in fine white fabric under a tall miter is The go-to guy in such matters. He, above all, knows what God dictates.

So, as you might expect, a guy, a Peter Sartain, has now been set-up to lead a reformation of a woman’s organization, the LCWR. He’s the Archbishop of Seattle, which is one of the larger bishoprics.

In response to the Vatican’s accusations that U.S. nuns were “flouting Church Teaching”, Sister Simone Campbell, head of Network, a Catholic social justice lobby, told the BBC.

“I’ve no idea what they’re talking about.”

Since the church has haunted many doctrinal mansions through history —once excommunicating Galileo for something like “flouting Church Teaching” because he truthfully reported what he saw through his new telescope— this should come as no surprize.  Priests through the ages have relished the power of “special knowledge”. If the church has any claim to authenticity it may be in its tradition of passing-on the idea of the doctrinal-supremacy-of-guys-in-arcane-matters.

Of prime interest in Sartain’s investigation will be Network which has been pointedly criticized by the Church as ” ‘being silent on the right to life’ and other ‘crucial issues’ to the church.” — BBC again.

But Sister Campbell thinks that might not be all. She thinks “her organization’s vocal support for President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill was behind the slapdown.”

She thinks “There’s a strong connection. We didn’t split on faith, we split on politics.”

Of course, in the USA it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference betweeen the two; but we’ll leave that to our next civil war to sort out.

by Jim Culleny


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