Training Day

February 1, 2012

I know the police are happy to have tasers in their arsenal as an extra buffer of protection against who knows what. It’s human naure to want to protect yourself and, considering the dangerous job they do, it’s not unreasonable for them to want to arm up.

It’s also human nature to want respect. The next step beyond wanting respect is to demand it. The step beyond demanding it is (apparenty, and more frequently) to tase for it.

Don’t think of tasers in the hands of the police as merely one more level of protection for an officer.  It can be much more than that. Think of tasers as a trainings tool for citizens who don’t understand who’s in charge. People must understand that the police are always in charge. If you don’t understand this the police have the means to help in your education —which becomes more and more important as we slide inexorably from free state to police state.

For example:

“A Montara man walking two lapdogs off leash was hit with an electric-shock gun by a National Park Service ranger after allegedly giving a false name and trying to walk away, authorities said Monday,” Digby reports at Hullabaloo.

“Heel,” a cop might say.

“Bow-wow-why?” a mutt might answer.

“Witnesses said the use of a stun gun and the arrest seemed excessive for someone walking two small dogs off leash.

“It was really scary,” said Michelle Babcock, who said she had seen the incident as she and her husband were walking their two border collies. “I just felt so bad for him.”

“Heel,” the cop might say again.

“No, really, Woof-why? Arf; I’m just walking along here.”

“Babcock said Hesterberg had repeatedly asked the ranger why he was being detained,” Hullabaloo reports. “She didn’t answer him, Babcock said.”

“I said, ‘Heel,'” then out comes the training tool and some mutt with a weak heart is  either dead or writhing in agony before being hauled off to the pound.

As Digby says at Hullabaloo,

“To be clear, this is what this means is that if a park ranger stops you for walking your dogs off leash, you are not to ask any questions or fail to carry the proper ID or you risk being shot through with 50,000 volts. This is now the way things work. Apparently, before the taser, this park ranger would have had to shoot this person in the back with her service revolver.”


“Rancho Corral de Tierra has long been an off-leash walking spot for local dog owners. In December, the area became part of the national park system, which requires that all dogs be on a leash,”
said Howard Levitt, a spokesman for the park service.The ranger was trying to educate residents of the rule, ” he explained.

Thanks for the lesson, woof, woof! Now can I have my doggie treat?

Jim Culleny


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