How to Pound the Final Nail

December 18, 2011

How to pound the final nail onto the coffin of a democratic republic: make Newt Gingrich president.

The Washington Post reports:

In a half-hour phone call with reporters Saturday, Gingrich said that, as president, he would abolish whole courts to be rid of judges whose decisions he feels are out of step with the country (Washington Post).

“Are we forced,” Gingrich wondered, “for a lifetime to keep someone on the bench who is so radically anti-American that they are a threat to the fabric of the country?” Gingrich asked. “What kind of judge says you’ll go to jail if the word ‘invocation’ is used? If this isn’t a speech dictatorship, I’d like you to show me what one looks like.”

This is the kind of toothpaste that cannot be shoved back into the tube. Once a presidential contender has indicated he would put the court system under the thumb of politicians he must be dismissed out of hand as being unfit to be president.

What kind of presidential candidate wants to dismantle the consitution and make the court system of the USA an expression of his political vision? If this is not a potential dictator, I’d like you to show me what one looks like.

Gingrich has made himself clear. He wants to make American courts responsive to the politics of the moment — to make them the political arm of the Koch brothers or religious fundamentalists (if your fear is of the right); or (if your fear is of the left) the ACLU or Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Gingrich has been getting a lot of flack lately from people who know him; people who’ve worked with him. The gist of the flack indicates that Gingrich is a narcissist. Narcissists do not notice personal flaws. When a narcissist looks in a mirror they see Adonis or Alexander the Great. They’re oblivious to their expanding gut or drooping jowls. They do not perceive their potential for misadventure or mistake.

The scope of injury of small-time narcissists tends to be limited to themselves, their family, or their immediate community, but a narcissistic politician’s circle of mayhem is another story. Eighty years ago or so one of them turned their nation into a personal, adoring footstool, set Europe on fire and drew much of the rest of the world into war.

I appeal to Republicans: can this guy before he becomes your own worst nightmare.

Jim Culleny, 12/18/11

PS: One other thing.  Take a close look at the picture of Gingrich above. Study it. See if you don’t recognize what’s going on inside the man: contemptuousness, condescension, smugness, arrogance.  Look.  It’s there.


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  1. Hermionejh Says:

    Hey Jim, Merry, Happy, and I just wanted to let you know that I have added you in my list of Versatile Blogger Award recipients. 🙂

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