“There’s something about self-respect…”

December 11, 2011

Even in Russia the wheels are falling off the cart of the elite.  Thousands took to public squares in Moscow and Kiev demanding changes in the way the nation is ruled, and this time the police did not intervene.

“Between 25,000 and 40,000 people filled Bolotnaya Square across the river from the Kremlin in Moscow, chanting against the “party of crooks and thieves,” as they have come to call Putin’s United Russia. An additional 10,000 gathered in St. Petersburg, with towns from Siberia to the Urals reporting 500, 1,000, or even 3,000 each in the largest opposition protests Putin has ever encountered. The Moscow organizers promised an even bigger protest Dec. 24.” —Washington Post, 12/10/2011

David Atkins at Hullabaloo summed a his post (A Global Zeitgeist) this way:

“The particulars in each country and culture are different, but it’s obvious that there is a seething discontent with the modern global political and economic order. Russia has been under the control of the plutocratic oligarchs since at least Yeltsin. America’s political system is broken and totally at the mercy of the corporate sector, with yet more proof of that coming today. The dictators of the Middle East have been making alliances with the West in exchange for keeping their petro-plutocrats safe.

“The very wealthy the world over are content with the system. But no one else is. If the powers that be thought that there would be a nice, slow, easy transition to them to a world with just an economically privileged elite and a fungible impoverished underclass, they’re wrong. It may be possible to keep an underclass cowed for generations on end, but once people have seen an alternative and lived better, forcing them quietly back into serfdom is a very difficult task.

“There’s something about self-respect that, once hard won, is very difficult to take away.”

Despite the existence of an entrenched wealthy elite in the U.S., which runs things here and is in global cahoots with leaders like Putin, we can only hope that OWS is the American expression of the global zeitgeist Atkins notes. We can only hope that despite the crackdown and evictions of OSW from public squares in American cities orchestrated by U.S. elites, that OWS will take heart with news such as this from Russia.

Jim Culleny, 12/11/2011


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