The Inevitable

November 21, 2011

It occured to me recently, when I recognized the storm-trooper get-up of the Anti-OWS-Army-Of-The-One-Percent in Oakland and Seattle ‘ how much they looked like the firemen of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451;  all done -up in blue-black, with helmets and batons and authority to committ mayhem legally; the firemen whose ironic job it was to burn books. To charcoal what was written. To incinerate the  truth.

Jeus said “I am the truth,” which therefore means (if logic and equations mean anything anymore in this universe) that “The truth is me.”

Hug one, hug the other.

“So (he might say), “anytime you stumble upon the truth, dear Christians, you stumble upon me. And, any time you deny the truth (scientific or otherwise), I am denied —regardless of religious affiliation or any other excuse that suits your fancy.

Take another look at Ceasar’s 21st-Century army decked in work blue-black, face-masks, helmets and billy clubs and see if they don’t resemble in uniform and antagonism the good blue-black men of authority who, in Bradbury’s tale, enforce the whims of the toppest class: The Chosen (or so they think of themselves). The Inevitable.


One Response to “The Inevitable”

  1. dick willis Says:

    The “Inevitable” model is not the one I want to have in my furture.
    Bradbury has said that he would be a magician if his writing had not been successful. I’ve so enjoyed his writings over the years and used to read some of the “Martian Chronicles” to my classes.
    The stories were like magic in waking up my sleepers and I’d read jjust enough get them back for the next class.

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