1% Inventions

October 31, 2011

A current  Washington Post Article intends to confuse voters about the status of Social Security funds. The article first invent a “treacherous milesstone” for SS, then goes on the expand the idea to instantly ominous reality:

“As the article notes the trust fund currently holds $2.6 trillion in government bonds, so it is nowhere close to being unable to pay benefits. The whole point of building up the trust fund was to help cover costs at a future date when taxes would not be sufficient to cover full benefits. Rather than posing any sort of crisis, this is exactly what had been planned when Congress last made major changes to the program in 1983 based on the recommendations of the Greenspan commission.”

The intent of course is to make the tampreing with, and destruction of SS politically acceptable and inevitable, leaving the 99% of Americans to the mercy of the 1%.  And given the last thirty years of the giant sucking sound of the national-wealth-diverting Vacuum of the Elite and the sociopathy of American richest top 1%, we can expect the elderly population to be living under bridges and eating out of dumpsters as soon as Wall Street starts overseeing your retirement.

“This “treacherous milestone” is entirely the Post’s invention, it has absolutely nothing to do with the law that governs Social Security benefit payments. Under the law, as long as their is money in the trust fund, then Social Security is able to pay full benefiits. There is literally no other possible interpretation of the law.”

Via Hallabaloo


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