Wild Westy Zeitgeist

October 15, 2011

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Now that Occupy Wall Street has gone global this ought to get interesting.  Will the media still claim this is a hippy throw-back movement? It may (being very much a part of the top 1% and having the megaphone in its possesion), but how long will the media be able to play a dissing game when frustration with the excesses of wealth and the widening gap between rich and poor is being so consistently articulated by the other 99%, even internationally?

As reported at Hullabaloo, Berliner Herbert Haberl, 51 said, “I have no problem with capitalism. I have no problem with a market economy. But I find the way the financial system is functioning deeply unethical. We shouldn’t bail out the banks. We should bail out the people.”

Bail out the people; what a quaintly radical idea.  Bail out the people —the nerve of the guy.

But let’s face it, the United States is anything but united these days.  In the USA, among many on the right, there exists a very wild westy zeitgeist. Gun slinging is the rage out there where white male supremacy meets a Black President in a welter of color-changing demographics; in those quarters shoot-out resolutions still have cachet. In some states gun totin’ is legal in bars and college campuses. Can the streets and the halls of congress be far behind?

As we used to say when we were ten and playing cowboys and indians, “Bang, bang, you’re dead.”

No, really, you’re dead.

Jim Culleny


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