Eviction Notice

October 14, 2011

Mayor Mike Bloomberg (17th in the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires) has decided (unlike president Franklin Roosevelt during the last major economy-wrecking excesses of the rich) that his allegiance is with the upper class regarding Occupy Wall Street.  This is no surprise, but it sheds further light on who he and his classmates think ought to be running things: Money! money should decide what happens to a legitimate peaceful protest, even in a democratic Republic. So Mayor Bloomberg says he is evicting protesters today to “clean the park”.

In case you’ve been bamboozled into believing the line of media outlets that the Zucotti park occupation is the incoherent brainchild of “dirty hippies” you might like to be enlightened. You might want to know about Occupy Wall Street’s sanitation dept., its library, its doctor and nurse-staffed medical facility, its solar energy dept. You might want to understand that the ordinary Americans young and old are dissenting not against the American ideal of opportunity and equity, but against what the American way of life has become under the auspices of corporate government pushing rampant, unsustainable consumerism. You might want to think about what it means to your children’s future.

You might want to or you might not.  Maybe you think there’s something about the aquisition of wealth that is, in itself, proof of general superiorty.  But, if you are an average, hard-working person, you then might want to look at that belief more closely and figure out how you came to it in the face of the evidence of what big money has done to bring the USA and the world to our present circumstance.


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