Why the Bolsheviks Were Able To Kick Out the Czar

October 8, 2011

Ok so here’s what happened in a graphic nutshell:

Economy goes to hell in ”08 Wall Street pretty much bottoms out then, after the taxpayer financed bail-out, shoots back up, not just to where it was but on to greater heights.

Meanwhile, right there where that green line dips lowest, imagine that’s the rest of us. From there (while Wall Street is rebounding like a banker in a buck-fueled jet-pack) the other 99% (us), aping Slim Pickens mounted on his nuke to doom (in Dr. Strangelove), plummets down down down.  The graph doesn’t show our plunge, but everybody, especially the top 1%, knows that’s the situation.

This is what Occupy Wall Street is about. This is why the Bolsheviks were able to kick out the Czar.

“We live in a country where Wall Street’s recklessness caused tens of millions to struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, and the rest of us to strive mightily simply to maintain our standard of living without falling into poverty.

“But only months after these jokers wrecked the entire economy, they’re back swilling the champagne and living larger than ever before at the expense of the rest of us  (David Atkins at  Hullabaloo):.


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