Maybe He’d Even Annex Mexico…

October 2, 2011

In the American spirit of if-much-is-not-enough-more-must-be-better, Rick Perry, god’s gift to the misbegotten says, Maybe invading Mexico would be a good idea.

That’s how we got a lot of the southwest after all. You’ve got nation of drug cartels down there.  Makes you wonder who they’re supplying up here  …Mexicans?  I don’t think so.

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that he would consider sending U.S. troops into Mexico to combat drug-related violence and stop it from  spilling into the southern United States.

“It may require our military in Mexico,” Perry said in answer to a question about the growing threat of drug violence along the southern border. Perry offered no details, and a spokesman, Robert Black, said afterward that sending troops to Mexico would be merely one way of putting an end to the exploding cartel-related violence in the region.”    –Hullabaloo

Remember the Alamo!

Jim Culleny 9/2/11


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