Climate Change is a Hoax …tell that to the trees

October 1, 2011

My wife and I have been noticing something not-quite-right in this year’s turn to autumn.  We live in New England and have seen many trees turning brown and an abundance of dead leaves in heaps under their canopies. One tree in our back yard is filled with dead brown leaves instead of the normal gradual turn to their usual yellow. A sense of uneasiness has come with these observations. This is probably with good reason.

An article in the NY Times today starts:

“The trees spanning many of the mountainsides of western Montana glow an earthy red, like a broadleaf forest at the beginning of autumn.

“But these trees are not supposed to turn red. They are evergreens, falling victim to beetles that used to be controlled in part by bitterly cold winters. As the climate warms, scientists say, that control is no longer happening. ”

But some say climate change is a hoax and pin the future of the planet on their disbelief. Tell that to the trees.

Or let’s wait until enough science is in to convince even block-head James Inhofe—or until all human endeavors on the planet come to a hot halt.

Let’s just wait…


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