Tea Party Recession

September 30, 2011

Things are getting worse in European banking. What happens if European banks fold?  We (the U.S. … us) get more (or worse) of what we have.  Are there ways to mitigate a potential damaging rerun of the years since the failure of Lehman Brothers? According to Kevin Drum, yes. But the right is having a Tea Party and by the doctrinal protocols of their purity-fest help will not be on the way:

“Just remember,” Drum says, “it doesn’t have to be this way, no matter how often and how loudly Republicans shriek about austerity and budget deficits. If we want them to, both monetary and fiscal policy can have plenty of bite left. Bottom line: If we plummet into a second recession, it will be solely the fault of fanatical conservatives in Congress who refuse for reasons both partisan and ideological to acknowledge that we can do something about this. It’ll be the Tea Party Recession of 2011.”

As I said in an earlier post congress is no longer a deliberative body negotiating it’s way by reasoned debate through troubled seas. We no longer have a ship of state. The House of Representative is not a flexibly manuevering secular organization, it’s more like a monastery set in stone controlled by angry, fanatical monks following sectarian rule. They operate on the basis of belief, not reason.


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