The Dust of Mendacity

September 29, 2011

Faith-based religion is one thing, but faith-based economic policy is not something that leads to effective solutions to financial collapse. The religious conservative faith system now hobbling American government includes not only the belief that Jonahspent three days in the belly of a whale and lived to tell the tale, but also the belief that government is inherently bad and simply doesn’t work. Such creedal thinking is a kind of practical Christian anarchy that waits for divine intervention to run a bulldozer or to write legislation that temporarily finances the running of bulldozers.
Waiting for God’s miraculous deliverance from our economic melt-down instead of utilizing the miracle God has already delivered in the form of the human intellect’s problem-solving ability is a road to Armageddon. Waiting for God to fix our roads and bridges, or to rain money like manna upon the construction industry to (among other things) put people to work when God has already provided the means to do so, is to spit in God’s face and to cut off our nose to spite our own in the bargain.
 If the Prince of Lies were ever to sprinkle the diabolical dust of His mendacity upon the USA it would create gridlocks that look a lot like that being perpetrated by the politically religious right in 2011.
But Joshua Holland says this much better at Alternet. It’s worth the read.

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