Apocalypse Without Rapture

May 22, 2011

It’s been a long time since I trusted politicians of any stripe, but I did not trust Republicans way before that.  As a political entity the GOP is one of the slipperiest, sleaziest, mean-spirited, elitist, me-first, anti-American party to have ever come down the pike.  Therefore, I can’t help but wonder what their angle is on dissing one of the most popular government programs ever. Threatening to end Medicare seems at least counterinutitive. So (my fearful heart asks) what are they really up to?

Digby at Hullaballoo is wondering and fearing along these lines as well:

“Perhaps the Republicans had to go completely over the cliff before they could
realize they have become too extreme even for a nation that has developed a
tremendous appetite for right wing fantasy and corporate advertising. It’s a
good thing for the country if they shoot the moon and lose very big. But it’s
dangerous too. You never know what might happen and if they get validated again
in 2012 as they did in 2010, we have a major, major problem on our hands.”

If Republicans, despite all they’ve revealed about their intentions for the nation, regain control of the United States government in 2012 it’ll mean the calculations made by Harold Campling predicting an apocalypse for yesterday were just off by 18 months or so. One thing you can be fairly certain of if that happens is that  congress will out itself as the Upper and Lower House of Lords, and the USA will become the FSA —the Feudal States of America.

No, really, I’ve done the calculations …apocalypse without rapture.

by Jim Culleny, 5/22/11


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