Eleventh Hour

April 2, 2011

Many think we can dawdle. 
Many don’t think at all.
Many don’t think there’s a problem.
Many think it’s impossible to fall.

…but don’t count brilliant Lester Brown in that category. Though he gives us a chance, he’s no Pollyanna.

“In this eleventh video in the series ‘Peak Oil and a Changing Climate’ from The Nation and On The Earth Productions, analyst, author and founder of the Earth Policy Institute Lester Brown discusses how unprepared the world really is for the growing effects of climate change. ‘Economists doing supply and demand projections are largely unaware’ of the scale of the resource crises facing the world, Brown says, and ‘food is going to be the weak link for our civilization as it was for so many earlier civilizations.'”

Brown uses terms like “unsustainable” and  “overshoot and collapse” as laid out in this clip from American Scientist:

“Since founding the Worldwatch Institute in 1974, environmental analyst Lester Brown has been monitoring the effects of unsustainable development and forecasting their possible consequences. He sees signs that we’ve entered what ecologists call an ‘overshoot-and-collapse’ mode, in which demand exceeds the sustainable yield of natural systems. This effect has toppled earlier civilizations; now, he says, it is occurring at the global level.”


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