Applying Occam’s Razor

September 15, 2010

“Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.” —Occam

In a simple but clear post PZ Myers at Pharyngula says we ought to apply Occam’s razor to the wild mat of hairy right-wing speculation as to who and what President Obama is.  All you need to know about him is as obvious as the public record, birthers and Newt Gingrich be damned (‘twould be fitting).

“Please, fellow godless folk, stop trying to claim Obama as one of us. He isn’t. He goes to church sometimes, he has a religious history, he’s happy to use Christian metaphors, he hasn’t claimed to be so much as an agnostic. He’s a liberal Christian who is not obsessed with religion. Take his words at face value; I find it annoying when people look for signs that he’s a hidden member of our little clan. It is so conspiracy-theory,” says Myers.

This is, of course, good advice but won’t cut any ice with fringe de-mentalists who believe anything their fearful minds and hearts can conjure up. If they can believe in talking snakes they can believe that a half-white half-black person is certainly all black (just look at him, for god’s sake —that’s no Boehner tan) or that he’s a closet Muslim. These people have even left their own god in the dust –I mean the one who not only said love your neighbor as yourself, but love your enemy as well.  And who also said (regardless of the catechism of Wall Street) that a rich man would have one  helluva time squeezing through a needle’s eye to reach god’s special realm of non-material bliss.

We should not hope for miracles from the Glenn Beck contingent of homo sapiens.  For them the ‘sapien’  part is questionable at best.



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